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Important notes regarding presentation materials:
  • Presentation slide decks must only be in Microsoft PowerPoint format so that it is compatible with IT software.
  • The deadline to submit presentation materials is Tuesday at noon, one week prior to the Council meeting (or 6 business days prior to the meeting).
  • Scheduling of the delegation remains tentative until review and approval of the presentation materials.
  • Any materials submitted will be included as part of the Council agenda and treated as public record.
  • Please ensure any requests of Council are included in your presentation materials.

Purpose of Presentation

What to Expect at Courtenay Council Meetings

Council meetings begin at 4:00 pm at the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) Civic Room, 770 Harmston Avenue, Courtenay unless otherwise posted and are recorded and live-streamed to the City’s YouTube channel. For the most up-to-date Council meeting calendar, agendas, minutes and videos, please visit
  • The public is welcome to attend open Council meetings in person at the CVRD, or watch online via the City’s YouTube channel:
  • Please arrive at the CVRD or log into Zoom 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting so that staff can help you prepare for your presentation. Delegations typically appear early on during a Council meeting however it is not possible to predict the time the delegation will be heard.
  • The Mayor will ask you to step up to the podium when it is time for your delegation. There are 10 minutes available to make the presentation with additional time to respond to Council’s questions.
  • Any consideration of your request will be made by Council at a future meeting.
  • Rules governing the conduct of Council meetings are outlined in Council Procedure Bylaw No. 2730, 2013 and Robert’s Rules of Order.

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